Episode 9
Her Problem

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Switch back to Kaname and see how she's doing. Well, she starts to suspect that someone is following her and decides to man up (or girl up in her case) and confront them. After getting a hotel room with a complete and total stranger, she gets to meet Mithril Intelligence Agent "Wraith"(F.Y.I. this "guy" is actually a girl). Wraith then tells her yes, she has been following her, but so as someone else. Enter Xia Yu Lan, the younger twin, who shoots Wraith and goes after Kaname. She attempts to kill Kaname, but fails after falling for an old trick in the book. Then enter Leonard Testarossa, Tessa's brother and a fellow Whispered. He orders his bodyguard (mini-AS) to kill Xia Yu Lan. And finally, he does the stupidest thing any guy could ever do-kiss Kaname on the lips...which leads to him getting slapped. And Kaname having a breakdown because Sousuke wasn't there to comfort her...like usual.

Original Novel

V9: Owaru Day By Day (Lower Volume)